Dubai: The whole city in one trip

You will get acquainted with modern, fascinating, technological and very dynamic Dubai. Take a stroll through the old quarter of Bastakia, drive through Palm Island, admire the villas of local residents in Jumeirah and take vivid pictures against the background of the famous Parus Hotel. You will also see an aquarium, fountains, the world's tallest skyscraper and palace of Sheikh Dubai. Our guide will easily and fascinatingly tell about the history, culture and traditions of the city and will help you to feel the true oriental hospitality!

Old Town - History and Legends
You walk through the ancient Bastakiya district, where the history of Dubai began. Visit the sheikh’s old house and see how he lived 50 years ago. You will see the Al Seef embankment, built along the old city, and learn about the times when Dubai was a small building in one or two floors.

Next, we will go to explore the shopping and business district of Bar Dubai, famous for the newest landmark "Frame of Dubai." If you wish, you can climb to its observation deck and explore the interactive exhibition about the future of the city and the museum of the past.

Modern Dubai:

Palm Island and Jumeirah
On the Sheikh Zayd highway, we will drive to the Jumeirah area, where there are rich villas of UAE citizens. Next, our guide will show the world famous Palm Island. Through the underwater tunnel you will get to the very edge of the island, where you can take cool pictures and selfies at luxury hotels in Zabel Sarai and Kempinski.

And also look from a new perspective on the JBR area with skyscrapers and see the “Arab Venice” - the Madinat Jumeira complex.

Here you can take a picture against the background of the famous hotel "Parus", take a ride on boats, visit the market in the style of old Dubai and drink coffee.

Aquarium, fountain and palace of the sheikh
We will visit the Dubai Mall, where you will see the largest aquarium in the Middle East. Next to it are the famous fountains and the Burj Khalifa - the highest building in the world.

If desired, the guide will take you to the observation deck, where you will see flamingos in their natural environment, without enclosures and cages.

And you look at the palace of Sheikh Dubai - the person under whose leadership the city became one of the centers of the world.

And finally, we will visit the Festival City area, where you will see a fascinating 3D laser show.

In addition to tourist information about the city and country, our guide will tell you about life in the Emirates, give advice and recommendations, and answer any questions you may have.

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Consider that you have come almost to relatives!

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