Our company has released

an electronic brochure "Advice for the Emirates."

If you are going or are already flying to the UAE, our brochure should be in your smartphone or tablet - it will allow you to save money and not overpay for excursions, when using transport, staying in hotels, shopping and in many other situations.

At the same time, you will not harm yourself in anything; on the contrary, the money saved will allow you to spend it on something interesting!

How much can you save? At least $100! Spent on the purchase of brochures money back to you a hundred times.

after payment you will receive:

  • List of current tours and indicative prices for them

  • Dedicated Hotline, on which you can always get advice or answers to any questions about the UAE absolutely free of charge 24/7

  • Discounts and bonuses from our partners on excursions, photo sessions, restaurants, car rental and other services and entertainment

And besides all of the above, we will hold several raffles of gifts and pleasant prizes from Emirates Online and our partners. Many brochure buyers will be happy winners of prizes needed anytime, anywhere.

There will also be a free night’s draw in Dubai hotels!

During 2019, several lucky ones will be randomly selected, each of whom will receive the right to spend 5 free nights in hotels in the city of Dubai.

To participate in the sweepstakes, you do not need to do anything specifically - the sweepstakes are held according to the brochure number and email addresses to which our brochures were sent.

The results of the drawings will be sent to the address of each buyer, and the process of the drawing will be broadcast live on Facebook


Inside the e-brochure, only relevant and useful information, including traffic patterns, useful phones, how to call home cheaper, and life hacking from people living in the UAE!

Buy a brochure now
and get a chance to win presents
and free nights in a Dubai hotel!

7.5 USD

Payment by cards of any banks from any countries. Payments are safe and secure. Payments are processed by the processing center from the UAE.

After payment you will receive a brochure to your email address within 10 minutes.

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