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The English version of our site will start in August 2020.

How to make money on travel?

It's no secret that people will travel forever. Someone goes on vacation, someone at work, and someone is constantly changing their place of residence. And all these people need airline tickets, hotels or apartments. Many people book airport transfers, various excursions, buy tickets to amusement parks and local attractions.

And it is precisely on these expenses of people that you can earn!

Our company Emirates Online has been working with travelers for over 5 years. And we provide various services to tourists and travelers, including the selection of airline tickets, hotel rooms, guided tours, transportation services, assistance in opening companies in the UAE ... And much more. Our holding operates in several countries around the world!

And we offer you to receive part of the profit from our business and the business of our holding partners by purchasing WOWTravel coins.


What is a WOWTravel coin?

This is the first cryptocurrency in the world that allows all participants in the world tourism market to earn. It doesn’t matter whether you are a traveler or you make services for traveler. Each person with WOWTravel coins will receive their privileges and benefits from owning these coins.

WOW Travel Coin (1) - копия.png

What is the use of coins?

All owners of our coins are entitled to a part of the profits from the activities of companies that are part of our Emirates Online holding and operate in several countries!

From each excursion, from each ticket or hotel room, from each rented car and ticket purchased, amusement parks are accrued for payments to holders of our coins. This income can be up to 60 percent per year of the value of the coin!


Thus, each coin is a kind of profitable share of our holding.
You can sell your coins at any time on the exchange, starting on January 1, 2021.
Use your privileges and discounts before sales start!

If you are the owner or employee of a tourist site,

hotel, tour desk or just a private guide:

Become an official WOW Travel Club partner

  • You are recommended first

  • Our partners direct tourists to you

  • You get the right to free advertising in online and offline modes

  • Your contact details are included in your country guides.

If you are a traveler:


  • Our experts will help you plan your route for free.

  • For you WOW Travel Club Hotline

  • For you special conditions and discounts on excursions, accommodation, flights and sightseeing tickets

The list of privileges for coin holders will increase.
Detailed information will come to you after buying coins.

How to get a WOWTravel coin?


Change language here!


Click the Buy WOWTravel button

and you will see this form

Enter your email address

and select the required number of coins.

Choose your country

NOTE: You can buy no more than 100 coins at a time. To purchase more than 100 coins, repeat the purchase process or write to us at or by feedback form.


Check the amount

and select
pay by card or paypal


Price of 1 WOWTravel coin:
June 15 - $0.5
July 6 - $0.7
Estimated September 2020 price is $1.2


You became the owner of our coins and within a few hours our welcome letter with detailed information and a small gift will come to you by e-mail!

Enter your card details

and click "Pay now"

Message sent, thanks!

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